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2014 Nationals Weekend.

The MBTCA was originally created by a dedicated group of breeders and owners interested in promoting wider knowledge and greater appreciation of the extraordinary qualities of this breed.  Membership is open to fanciers who are interested in exhibiting at AKC dog shows and/or performance events, and support breeding towards a healthy Miniature Bull Terrier who fits the AKC Breed Standard in both type and temperament. It is also open to those who simply love the breed and seek friendship with fellow fanciers.

The MBTCA publishes a quarterly breed magazine, A Little Bull; sponsors various trophies and awards; and conducts national and regional specialties and supported shows around the country.

Thinking about a mini bull? Learn as much as you can about the breed!   

The MBTCA strongly encourages anyone interested in purchasing Miniature Bull Terriers to learn as much as possible about the breed before making the commitment to welcome one of these miniature canine 'cavaliers' to your family.

Take your time and look around this club site. There is much to discover here about the breed's history, the temperament and health of minis and the contact information of many experienced individuals for more specific information such as availability of puppies. We also maintain a Rescue Program for dogs who need homes due to unforeseen circumstances.

Go out and meet Miniature Bull Terriers and the people they own! We can usually be found at shows on weekends, quite possibly near you. The MBTCA-sponsored Specialty shows usually have a higher number of entries than the regular dog shows.  Use your search engine to find the dog show superintendents listed above where you can learn where and when a show may be within reach of you.  Come out and introduce yourself and meet our dogs face to face.  If you want to join the MBTCA, Club membership requires a sponsor. Dog shows are your chance to find one!  The dog shows themselves may run all day but Miniature Bull Terriers are on for only a short time, often early morning. Be sure to find out the time we're on before you head for the show. We strongly encourage you to join the club.  The MBTCA is the only national organization dedicated to the Miniature Bull Terrier.


Updated 9/13/13

2013 Van Hildrikhusen Winner
GCH BulliKountry’s It’s All About Me
2013 National Specialty Winner
MBISS GCH Cambria’s Kid N Play
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