2014 Health and Genetics Survey

Primary Lens Luxation

The genetic mutation for Primary Lens Luxation was discovered in September 2009.  PLL details are available at the University of Missouri’s Canine Genetic Diseases Network.

PLL DNA test Kits are now available at the

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

 Primary lens luxation in dogs: A layman’s guide & a warning to owners of Minature Bull Terriers in particular.

Health Testing Resources

CERF- ACVO Clinic List

BAER Testing Sites

Stay tuned for a comprehensive list of Vet Cardiologists near you.

DNA Research

Your participation in the newly formed MBT DNA bank is requested to aid in solving genetic issues in the Miniature Bull Terrier.  The CHIC DNA Bank is responsible for storing the DNA

and issuing it to MBTCA approved research studies.

Here are the new forms and instructions you will need when submitting DNA samples:

CHIC DNA Repository Release Information & Form

Application for DNA Repository/ Survey 

(Transfer of MBTCA samples to CHIC)

Also check Infodog under the health clinic announcements for reduced-cost clinics in your area.

Deb Guerrero

MBTCA Head of Health Coordinator